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The most important thing I have learned revolves around taking the right client. An outstanding citizen that has never been in trouble before, but made a mistake that resulted in an arrest - It happens quite often.

The most important factor is not always punishment. Those that are truly remorseful and understand what they did was wrong, often go without punishment or just a slap on the wrist and a stern warning. However, there are those that enjoy breaking the law and will try anything to escape punishment just to do it over again. The judges and prosecutors understand that I avoid career criminals and usually represent good people that have made one mistake.

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Your Freedom is My Vision

I am here to help honest, hard working residents get a proper legal defense. We all make mistakes in life that we regret and we learn from.. I constantly look for a clientele that has been in little or no trouble their whole life. Of course their ar also career criminals that never learn. I stay clear of career criminals so that my honest, remorseful clients are not lumped in with them.

The judges and prosecutors can easily see that I am bringing honest hard working people in that for some reason made a mistake and they know it was wrong. These people tend to never reoffend and in almost every case, they get their lives completely back on track and will never enter a courtroom again.

If you are a honest, hardworking contributing member of society that in a moments time made a regretful decision, you are not alone. Jails are designed for those that must learn a lesson the hard way. For others, the embarrassment of what they have done and a slap on the wrist will often be enough to keep them from ever having any legal issues again.

- Robert Elmen

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