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Criminal Law Only


My practice is limited to criminal law matters only. I rarely practice any other type of law because I prefer to be the master of one versus the master of none. I do see many other lawyers that will practice every type of law while also claiming to be the best at everything. In my experience lawyers that handle several different types of law are often mediocre within all of them.

Lawyers that stay within the confines of one area of practice tend to become experts at that area of practice. With criminal law there is no room for error. Your lawyer has to know every angle at every minute or you may end up in a prison cell. You may think all areas of law are the same, they're not!

Areas of Criminal Law

Assault and Battery      Domestic Violence      Breaking and Entering      *Criminal Sexual Conduct      Drug Possession      Drunk Driving      Larceny      Embezzlement      Probation Violations      Violent Crimes      Traffic Matters      Record Expungement      Retail Fraud      Driver’s License Restoration

* I do not take clients accused of raping or molestation of a child.

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