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Using a Court Appointed Attorney


It's not an easy thing to say, but if you are going into a courtroom with a free court appointed attorney, you may be fighting an uphill battle. Prosecutors love easy courtroom victories. Prosecutor typically know that the public defenders have limited resources and time.

Public defenders are overworked and typically underpaid, this not a secret. Public defenders will try to do the best they can; unfortunately, the The courts are typically very busy and the resources can be stretched.

In many cases, you will only meet with your public defender minimally before your case is called. The public defender will be paid a flat fee from the county. The fee is so low that it would be near impossible for any public defender to spend more than several minutes with you going over your case.

What a Public Defender Often Says:

"Looks pretty bad, you should probably take the plea deal."

What a Criminal Defense Attorney Says:

"If we don't get a good plea deal, let's take this to trial."

I do have a great amount of respect for any lawyer doing public defender work. These persons typically take the work to help make a difference. They try their best with the most limited resources of any lawyer.

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