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Sliding Fee, Income Based Pricing


Sliding fees are in references to legitimate discounts offered only to those that qualify based on certain minimum annual income levels. They are not intended for the wealthy or the middle class. Documentation may be required to qualify.

I practice sliding fee criminal law for up to 25% of my firm's criminal cases. To qualify you must be at serious risk of losing your freedom. If your a first time offender and simply stole a candy bar from a convenience store, you are unlikely to qualify for a fee reduction, even if your income is within the sliding fee bracket. Cases involving "great bodily harm" from an adult male upon a woman or child are also not accepted.

1) What is a Sliding Fee

A sliding fee is a discount in the fees for the services provided. This reduction is based on your household income and household size. This is calculated using the Ability to Pay Schedule which is based on Federal Poverty Guidelines.

2) How much will I have to pay?

A sliding fee is a percentage discount based on your income level. For example, if you are on a 40% sliding fee, you will be responsible for 60% of the cost. If you have a percent sliding fee, you will make a minimum payment at the time of service and you may be billed for a remaining balance which must be paid before your case has ended.

3) How do I qualify?

Your total income must fall under $32,000 single or $46,000 married combined to be eligible for a sliding fee. Eligibility is based on annual income.

4) How do I apply?

There is no application form or any procedure to follow. Bring your last years or the year before tax return to my office when we first meet. If your returns show that your income qualifies for a sliding fee, I will adjust it right then.

5) What if my income has decreased since my last tax return?

If your tax returns were higher and your income is now lower, just let me know and we can apply your new income towards a sliding fee scale to see if you qualify. Please bring a more recent pay stub so we can verify your income has decreased since your last tax returns were filed.

My retainer fee for a DUI is only $500 - $1000 compared to $2500 for most criminal lawyers. I also allow payments until your matter is resolved within the courts. Those making under $32,000 annually or $46,000 household annual income will qualify for income based pricing. A typical DUI lawyer in Ann Arbor usually runs about $3500, if your income is only $28,000 annually then you qualify for a 40% income based adjustment which would then lower my fees to only $2100.

NOTE: Income based fees are limited to 25% of my overall business and is not always available. Please call to find out if you qualify and for availability.

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