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I have received many kind Google reviews from clients that I have helped. These reviews are imported directly from Google and they were written without any prior knowledge of myself or my staff. These reviews can be seen directly on Google and thereby verifiable. Click to see on Google

I've seen many lawyer websites that show client reviews with no acknowledgement of where the reviews came from. When we created this website, I offered my webmaster the many letters that I had received and they prefered not to use them because so many of their clients had provided them with bogus reviews. We agreed at that time to only post reviews that could be substantiated through a third party such as Google.

Robert represented me in a case where I was accused of an (Assault and Battery) in Ottawa county Michigan. The prosecution was very forceful and intimidating and even threatening to increase my charges. We took it to jury trial and won.

Attorney Robert Elmen at Elmen Legal PLLC came highly recommended through an associate on August 2017 to handle a very difficult civil suit which came to positive closure in my favor in April 2018.

Rob is detail oriented, knowledgeable, and committed to the case. My experience was first rate. If you're looking for an attorney who is both hard-working and capable, choose Rob.

Mr. Elmen is a fighter! He will handle your case with zeal, confidence, and a thorough understanding of the court system. Mr. Elmen doesn't take no for an answer but pursues his clients' objectives with tenacity!

This guy delivered!

Robert Elmen Legal

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